Thursday, April 2, 2015

Wednesday Night Wargames

We had our first meeting of our Wednesday night wargames club this week. 10 players turned up and played four different games, which was good for a very first meeting. Here are some photos from the evening.
  A dark ages battle with 28mm minis.




We used some mounted figures in our Dark Ages battle for the very first time. They worked out well. One rider managed to catch the enemy army leader out in the open and rode him down and killed him. The subsequent army morale test saw that army flee the field.
 A nice 15mm Seven Years War battle using Blackpowder rules.



 A WW2 Eastern front game using Rapid Fire rules.



 A DBA-3 game.


  1. Nice. Black Powder works great in 15mm, as I am finding. Good to see some DBA v3 to! :) Well done.

  2. Wonderful looking games - great variety and lovely figs. Black Powder's basic rules system can translate to any scale and unit size, IMO. That's why along with Hail Caesar, one of my favorite rule set for larger games.

  3. Loving the Winter WW2...... my own project has stalled a little.

  4. Great looking games and beautiful pictures!