Saturday, March 28, 2015

Some painted Minis

Here is a selection of minis that I have painted over the last few months. Above and below are some 20mm Minaron Spanish Civil War Nationalist infantry.

This is a 28-30mm early medieval mounted command group. The General is a Mithril mini (Theoden) and the standard bearer is the GW Lord of the Rings Aragorn. 
A really old Minfigs that I have had for several decades. I decided it was time I painted him. Quite a large figure, at least 28mm
An ugly brute - 25mm scale
 Found in a box of $1 unwanted minis. He is 25mm and painted up quite nicely. 


  1. Very nice work all around; the Medieval command is impressive. Great to paint up old figures sitting around for too long.

  2. Agree with Dean, my favorite is the medieval command group, great job on all of them!