Thursday, October 9, 2014


Here are some photos of a game we played last night. The game was set in modern Africa and involved a mission where a squad of French Foreign Legion were tasked with delivering the gravely ill President of a mythical African country and his son to an LZ for evacuation by helicopter. The problem was that the president's enemies, a militia army bent on his destruction, would try to prevent the president's escape. There was a time limit of two hours on the game - the helicopter arrived and left at that time. All the players played the role of Legionnaires. Each had specific abilities which they could use during the game when necessary to do so. There was no set agenda for the game and the payers were free to make whatever decisions and take whatever actions they needed to to complete their mission. Enemy arrivals, strength and locations were dice generated and their actions such as aggressive, slow or passive were also dice generated. The figures used were 40mm, the vehicles 1/43 scale. The rules were our own which are a hybrid of Force on Force and Disposable Heroes.
Looking at the the ground they have to cross. Adjutant Chef Leigh (red sweater) considers what to do next. Leigh has already ordered smoke to blanket the village. A civilian bus has been pulled across the road in the middle of the village.
The convoy turns right at the intersection, luckily avoiding by doing so the land mine planted in the road just the other side of the intersection. The Ambulance contains the President.
Bang! An RPG hits the AFV at the rear of the column. Luckily everyone on board escape injury. but the vehicle is wrecked. Loyal African troops move through the fields. 
Some of the Militia, determined to prevent the hated president from escaping from the country, and resolved to punish the foreign interlopers who are trying to assist him do so.
Running down the road and failing to detonate the landmine planted on the road (twice - very lucky) the Legionnaires check out a shed by the river and find three small boats inside.
A Technical races onto the table. Its tires are blown out by machinegun fire from the APC but it manages to fire its 12.7mm HMG and brass up two Legionnaires on the bridge, killing one and badly wounding the other. The APC then finishes off the Technical.
The boats are checked and two of them float. The President is off loaded from the ambulance and prepared for transport in a boat over the river.
The APC decides to be bold and cross the bridge and runs over a landmine which detonates. The mine wrecks the APC and badly wounds both the Legionnaires inside, one of who is Adjutant Chef Liegh. You can see the bodies of the two Legionnaires, one dead and one badly wounded, who had been hit by the Technical's HMG lying on the bridge in front of the APC. These fellows and the two wounded inside the APC were recovered by their mates and taken across the river to the LZ.

The evacuation of the President continues. Only two men per turn could use each of the boats. In the distance you an see some of the militia in the fields pressing forward.
The President's son watches as the last of the Legionnaires and Loyal African troops carrying their dead and wounded make it to the LZ in time for extraction.
 Militia in the fields and on the bridge, burning and abandoned vehicles mark the end of the fighting.
 Mission accomplished - the brave Legionnaires L-R: Ian, Fred, Leigh, John and Chris


  1. Amazing terrain, love this table

  2. Great looking stuff, and nice report too. The rules sound great fun too and clearly generate lots to think about. Thanks for posting :-)

  3. Great looking Modern game with grand scale figures.

  4. Great post, just pulling my own African project together, I might just have to pinch your scenario :-)

  5. Great looking game. I'm curious about the rules. I like/own both rulesets and am wondering how you blended them.

  6. Hi,
    What I have done is to use the Force on Force tactical concepts such as Reaction tests, different dice for ability levels and the basic concept of shooting and cover dice. I've reduced the number of dice rolled for infantry weapons, but even so have given troops firing at their effective range (dice type in inches as per FoF) a bonus. This I think gives more realistic shooting results than the handfuls of dice that are rolled with the unmodified rules. I use FoF morale rules unchanged. I use Disposable Heroes for attacks on vehicles as I think that DH does this very well. I use the FoF dice to shoot, but if a hit is scored use the DH rules to locate the hit, penetrate the target armor (If any) and then work out the effect of the penetration. It all goes together very well and gives a good, simple quick moving game with a real feel for the type of combat being depicted. I also prefer to have the players all on one side and have the enemy either dice generated or scripted. This gets the players thinking, reacting and cooperating with each other - or disaster will strike. They also can never quite know what the bad guys are going to do. I have run several games like this and they have worked very well.