Tuesday, October 21, 2014

28mm Achaemenid Persian Heavy Cavalry

Hi All,
The first unit of heavy cavalry for my revamped Ancient Persian army.
I normally don't make cavalry units this large but they just seem to befit this type of army.

They are from Foundry but I think they have been rebadged as Casting Room Miniatures for their eBay site. They are larger than the older, Perry designed range but they still look pretty good and larger is acceptable for heavy cavalry.

Like a lot of heavy cavalry in history, they are presumed to be made up of the 'rich kids' who can afford such things as quality horses and fancy armour so I've tried to paint them to look like they are mix of flashiness and menace.

Spears are plastic from one of those Greek hoplite kits that are easily available. They look good but I snapped 2 just while painting them and another 1 when they had their first game on the weekend. Oh well..

Hope you like the pics.


  1. Now those sir are what wargaming are all about :-) Great colours, great looking models and great bases as well. Hopefully having been bloodied during their first game they won't suffer any more casualties. Seriously top posting. Many thanks indeed.

  2. Excellent Persian heavy cavalry! Do you know who sculpted these figures?

    1. Thanks. With a name like yours, you should know!
      The figures are credited to Martin Buck.

  3. Thanks Mick, you've done a great job on them. I have heaps of the Perry Foundry Persian cavalry but none of these!

  4. Fantastic looking cavalry! Very impressive

  5. Great looking Cav mate! Outstanding

  6. A colored and beautiful job on this cavalry, great looking unit!

  7. Wow - stunning - colorful, yet not overly gaudy.