Sunday, July 20, 2014


Here is a Hail Caesar game we played today - based on Teutoburger Wald 9AD. The Romans marching blissfully through the forest, listening to the birds twitter and admiring the beauties of nature.
Suddenly smelly unwashed hairy people appear from the forest - who can they be, what do they want?

Without even a pretense at good manners the ugly brutes rush forward and demand the Legionaries pay them undivided attention - they really were crude fellows, no manners at all.
Despite every effort to be polite to them the hairy oafs kept badgering the Legionaries.
In the end enough was enough and severe words had to be spoken to the brutes, why would not they display some good manners and stop making so much noise!
Even so the smelly buffoons just would not go away - it was becoming both tedious and annoying. One group of louts kept insisting that their whining complaints be listened to - on and on they went badgering without a pause.
But in the end it all got too much and even the most polite Legionary could stand it no longer - so out flew the pilums and in went the gladius.
Despite the greatest encouragement to desist and depart the uncivilized boors would not take the hint and had to be killed ... such a tedious exercise.
Still hooting and hollering, the noisy mob were driven away finally clearing the road and enabling the Legion's nature walk to continue.

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