Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Here is a project that has been a long time in fruition. Several years ago I began painting and converting a bunch of 54mm Armies in Plastic Highlanders. I have a plan to put on some games set in the Sudan in which the brave Highland laddies fight all sorts of nasty foes - all in 54mm. Well I have finally finished painting the Highlanders and here they are! Next job is to paint up a horde of enemies for them. I have started that project but it will be a long time before I get that one done.
 No Highland regiment would be without its piper!
 Form square! I suspect these lads will be doing this frequently.
"Watch your markers and when you fire, fire TOWARDS the enemy!" Colour Sergeant MacSporran points out the obvious. MacSporran has been converted and has new arms, a beard and a new rifle.
Major 'Rob' Roy watches over his lads. The Major is also a conversion with new arms and beard.


  1. Great work, the Major is really impressive!

  2. They look great - very nostalgic scale!