Friday, June 13, 2014


Here are the latest two scratch built models that the incredibly talented Martin Small in the UK has made for me. The first is a 1.50 scale USMC M2A4 light tank. The USMC had a few of these on Guadalcanal. This model is 1:50 scale and fits in nicely with 28mm figures. You can see in the second photo some 28mm USMC with the model. The second is a 1/72 scale SAM-8 GECKO. This is for my Angolan bush war collection. Angola had these in its army when it fought against the South Africans in the late 1980s. The South Africans captured a GECKO intact as a consequence of the battle of the Lomba River in late 1987. This was the first time a SAM-8, which was a new piece of kit at that time, had fallen into non Soviet/Soviet allied hands.

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  1. Beautiful work, especially like the first one!