Friday, June 6, 2014

28mm Napoleonic Wurttemberg Army - Completed!

Greetings again.
I've been working on this army for the last 6-7 months and finally finished. Very satisfying project to do. I'm a bit over Napoleonics for while, though.

This really first started several years ago when I picked up a couple of Wurttemberg units from Newline Designs. Then they got rid of the range and I couldn't add to it. Then Front Rank came out with their range a couple of years ago. I bought enough for 4 more battalions and finished two (yellow facings) then lost interest. I revived it once I saw that Front Rank had finished the range.
The idea was to have enough for a stand alone force with enough variety to keep it interesting.
Totals are:
8 Battalions of Line infantry
2 Light battalions
2 Jaeger battalions
2 Chevauxleger regiments
2 Horse Jaeger regiments
1 Hussar regiment
2 6lb foot batteries (2 guns each)
1 12lb foot battery
1 6lb horse battery
includes all skirmishers and command
Flags are mostly Flags of War. A couple of Maverick Models flags as well.
Bases are 'magbases' from Shogun Miniatures.
Hope you like them.

Happy to answer any questions.
 These are the first ones I painted. I forgot to include the 8 skirmishers - oh well.
This was actually the last line unit I painted. I was relieved when I finished them
 Bit of detail on the flags.
 This regiment has the ex-Newline figures in the 2nd battalion. They are pretty good. I used Front Rank standard bearers though.
 Probably my favourite set of flags on these guys.
The pink was probably the most 'fun' to paint.
Nice close look at the flags
 Probably my favourite units. The lights. 4 ex-Newline skirmishers on the right.
 Some sources have red plumes and some show green. So I split the difference..!
Nice detail on the FR figures.
 I like the Jaegers. Based in 3s to give some spacing and because they rank up better.
Command groups look good.
A couple of command stands with the mounted commanders all together
 Close up of the officers
Horse Jaegers - pink facings
Horse Jaegers - Yellow facings

 1st Chevauxlegers
Close up of the rear rank.
2nd Chevaulegers. Ex-Newline.

Only had 10 figures so I've snuck in a FR figure and an ex-newline trumpeter to make up numbers.
Hiding in that 2nd rank,,,
Dragoons (regt #5) These were fun to paint.
The foot artillery in their cornflower blue coats.
 12lb guns are on the right. They are typical big gun models from FR.
Carriage colour is supposed to be 'stained wood'. So I used a wood colour.
 Nice angle, I think.
Horse artillery - one of the elite units of the army. Looks nice too.
 Some more detail shots.

Metal work is supposed to be yellow, but it looked terrible so I defaulted to black metal work.


  1. Wow. Double wow. They are stunning.

  2. Excellent work, truly stunning looking force. Always nice to see someone complete a project.

  3. Absolutely stunning force, in impressive quantities! Truly wonderful! Thanks for all the great pics from multiple angles :)

  4. Congratulations on a marvelous looking army. Just incredible! My Prussians are still the "starting/project stalled" phase, but this is definitely an inspiration. :-)

  5. Most impressive! What a splendid, huge army!

  6. wow they are impressive. You have done a great job on them :-o

  7. Exceedingly lovely army! Well done Sir!

  8. I don't think you will see a better painted army anywhere. Every unit looks fantastic - vibrant colours and the all tied together by a brilliant basing scheme. Without a doubt one of my favourite of the German states and you have done them proud.

  9. Thanks for all the comments!
    I like to put a bit of effort into the basing so I'm glad that gets noticed.

  10. That has to be the best painted and based army I have seen in a very long time, the effort and detail put into this is clear too see its simply Outstanding!!!

  11. Elegant, how much time you all painted?

    1. Hi Oleg, Since Dec 2013. I had the yellow infantry unit painted 2 years ago. One ex-Newline battalion (blue facings) about 6 years ago. Same for 2nd Chevaulegers. Ex-Newline. They needed touch-ups and rebasing to make them look the same standard.

  12. Excellent paint, bases very well done. Really a magnificent army. Thank you very much for sharing these superb photos with the community of wargamers. Best regards from the far south. Carlos.

  13. Stunning, love them, truely inspiring!!!

  14. Some of these images are now on the Front Rank Gallery.

  15. Hi - really inspiring work! Youve got me now looking at getting the full set and starting.

    Can I ask - what painting guides did you use or is there anything you'd recommend for someone looking to replicate your colour schemes?

    1. Hi, Thanks for the comments.
      The main painting guide I used were the histofig plates and descriptions.
      I used a variety of Foundry, Vallejo and Citadel paints that I was familiar with using.

      If you have a specific colour or uniform you want to know more about I can give you some more information.

  16. Hi, Could I use one of your pictures of your wonderful Wurttembergs for my version of Lasalle Rules? I would like to credit you with the photo of your troops.

  17. Hi Mick . I was just perusing your fabulous Wurtemburgers again . Im just doing my own light infantry at the moment and struggling to find the right combination for the cross straps etc. Can you remember what you used.Im just not satisfied with my efforts .
    Also may I ask what did you use for the gun teams ? french ?
    Best regards Martin

    1. Hi Martin,
      Sorry about the delayed reponse. I used the Foundry Buff triad paints for the straps on the light troops.
      And yes, the limbers and crew are French models from Fronk Rank.
      Hope the advice is not too late.

  18. Hi Mick - these look spectacular! I'm on the look-out for pictures of some Wurttembergers at the moment - would you mind dropping me a line at mark.owen at please?

  19. Great work - inspiring and finished - a completed project!