Monday, January 20, 2014

Sunday's Games - Orcs, Heroes, ACW and Napoleonics!

Last Sunday our group met for its monthly meeting and played several games. I ran a game I call 'Hold the Gap' which I have designed as a public participation game. I will run this at Cancon which is happening this coming weekend in Canberra. The game involves a group of 13 Heroes fighting a mass of Orcs (100 at last count) who are attempting to release a Wizard that the Heroes have captured and imprisoned within a magic archway. The Heroes retreat across the table to a gap in the ancient city walls. There they must hold off the Orcs for 90 minutes of game time. If at the end of that time they have prevented the Orcs breaking through to release the Wizard from the archway they win the game. The Orcs of course win at any time they manage to release the Wizard. The game works well, is fast moving and gives everyone who plays lots of opportunities to roll dice, banter and have fun. The other games played were two games using Blackpowder rules, one ACW and one Napoleonic, a 15mm Napoleonic game using homegrown rules and a 15 mm DBM game. Unfortunately I did not get any photos of the DBM game. Overall the day went very well, the games were fun and looked superb, the food was great and the company excellent. Here are the photos I did take.
 Orc Masters gloating as their horde advances and the Heroes retreat
 The Heroes reach the gap in the wall and form their line of battle

 The evil Wizard is secured in the archway - in the distance you can see the Heroes standing firm

 The Orcs mass before they rush at the Heroes

 The Orcs rush in and battle begins

In an effort to outflank the Heroes Orcs rush up to the wall and attempt to scale it
Being truly Heroic one of the Heroes fights those Orcs who have managed to climb the wall

 The Fight gets desperate in the gap. Many of the Heroes are wounded but they grimly hold their ground as the Orcs relentlessly attack

Determined not to allow the Orcs to release the Wizard two Heroes place themselves in front of the archway

The fight on the wall becomes a grim contest between Orc brute force and Heroic courage

The battle ends with the Heroes battered and having lost several of their own but still holding the gap!

 A nice looking 28mm ACW game using Blackpowder rules was also played

A spectacular looking 28mm Napoleonic game also using Blackpowder rules was played


 Another Napoleonic game, this time in 15mm and using homegrown rules was played

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  1. Beautiful pictures, love the archway, very impressive!