Monday, January 27, 2014


CANCON 2014 was run here in Canberra over the long weekend 25-27 January. Hordes of gamers, shoppers and sight seers attended. I ran a participation game I call 'Hold the Gap' which is a simple affair where 13 Heroes attempt to prevent 80 or so Orcs releasing their evil wizard master from imprisonment. There were several other public participation games - French Indian Wars, Aztecs vs Conquistadors,WW2, Martians vs. America, and Bolt Action. There were also a number of demonstration games - Napoleonic, Modern Africa, First Crusade. CANCON also hosted a large number of competitions from just about every genre of wargaming, hundreds of gamers played in these competitions for the three days and all had a lot of fun. Here are photos of the event. 

The table for my 'Hold the Gap' game. The Orc army is closest to you, the Heroes with the captured wizard have yet to cross the bridges.
The Hero players being Heroic!
In one game the Heroes decided to defend the bridges. None shall pass!
The mark of a true Hero - one man standing firm against overwhelming odds
Another brave lone Hero fights to hold the smaller bridge
Having overcome the heroic defenders and crossed the bridges the Orcs surge up to the Heroes' line at the gap
Hard pressed the Heroes fall back to defend the staircase - the wizard is held inside the enchanted archway!
Orcs rush against the defenders of the staircase
The last Hero fights to deny the Orcs access to their master
 The last brave Hero falls beneath Orc blades and the Wizard is free!
 Bolt Action demonstration game
Bolt Action game - part of a well supported competition
 Aztecs vs. Conquistadors
 Big Boys with their big armies - a very nice Napoleonic game
All sorts of games - 40K, War Machine, Warhammer, Napoleonic, 
FOW, FOG, DBM, DBR, DBA, board games, Magic Cards etc.etc.
 Busy trade stands
 Flames of War
 A plethora of board games
 Pegasus Bridge - part of a Bolt Action demo game
 WW2 game set in Eritrea 1940
 Part of a game set in modern Africa - very nice town
 More of the modern Africa game - great set up
 Martians versus America game - the Martians conquered America more than once
 Fantastic collection of large scale remote control tanks


  1. 'You shall not pass!'

    Thanks for sharing the pics, sorry I couldn't go.

  2. Great pics - my mate James and I are in one of those playing in the African Chain of Command game

  3. Good report and photos, Greg. Those RC tanks looked good in action.