Monday, November 4, 2013


Here are some photos of game we played on Sunday. I ran an early Medieval era 28mm game which involved a squabble over possession of a Holy Relic. We played two games. In the first the Holy Relic was captured by a faction who craved its possession. In the second the new owners of the relic successfully defended it against a counter attack by those who had lost it in the previous game. There was also a very nice looking Sumerian era game, a French Indian Wars game and a WW2 game set on the Russian front.

 The Holy Relic battlefield

 The two sides form up

 The Holy relic guarded by the Holy Brothers and others
 Those who want to possess the Holy relic

 The lonely guardian of the Sacred stone circle





There was also a very nice 28mm Sumerian era game using Hail Caesar rules

 A 28mm French Indian Wars game was also played

 And a WW2 Russian front game


  1. Great looking pictures, I really like your medieval table and figures, fantastic!

  2. Excellent stuff. I really like the Holy Brothers.