Tuesday, November 12, 2013

28mm Viking Battle

Here are some photos of a 28mm Viking v. Saxons battle we played last week. We use our own house rules that we have been using for several years now. One reason for the game was to test some slight amendments to the rules. Both sides were roughly equal in numbers -56 figures each. The game lasted for two hours and got down to both armies surviving only on their army morale dice which they had to throw at the beginning of each turn. Neither army broke so the fight went on until our agreed finishing time when we declared that night had fallen and exhausted both armies fell back and the battle ended. It was good fun and helped us sort out the new rules ideas. 
 The two 'armies' formed up prior to the battle
 On the Viking side the army leader and his banner
 Some of the Saxons
 More of the Saxons
A close up of the fearsome Viking chieftain and his banner bearer
 On the far right one part of the Viking line has crashed into the Saxon line
With part of his army fighting the Viking Chieftain holds back the other part of his line watching the uncommitted part of the Saxon army
From the Saxon viewpoint - their left is engaged by Vikings while the rest of the army warily watches the remainder of the Viking army
Another view from the Saxon side. You can see the Bishop giving heart and courage to the Saxons
 Part of the Viking battle line
 Looking at the Vikings from the Saxon battle line
 Battle is joined all along the line
 In the thick of the battle
 Neither side gives ground
 The battle goes on
The Viking Chieftain gets involved in the fight - our rules are that a warband/army leader must become involved in personal combat within a certain number of turns once the fighting starts or the opponent can make the reluctant leaders army take a morale test. After all the very rationale for these leaders was reputation as a warrior and they could hardly be expected to attract a following if they were timid. In this game the Viking chieftain did very well and added to his reputation for battlefield prowess. The Saxon army leader got involved early on in the fighting and did well, surviving the battle and adding to his reputation.
 More of the close fighting in the closing moments of the battle
The battle comes to an end with the Viking chieftain still fighting. Both sides had lost roughly equal numbers.


  1. These Vikings adn Saxons are absolutly beautiful!

  2. Great looking Dark Age warriors!

  3. Some nicely painted figures out there! The Viking chieftain is especially striking.

  4. Really nice figures! What miniature range does the big Viking chieftain come from?