Thursday, April 18, 2013


Here are the latest plastic ACW cavalrymen I have done. I had a couple of figures and horses left over after I had done the US cavalry and decided to do some Rebs. I cut the sabers away as they were seldom actually worn by cavalry, especially Reb cavalry, and used a couple of the Perry separate metal cast heads you can get. These are really nice heads, full of character. I then gave each man a full length rifled musket as I have a lot of these spare on Zulu sprues. Reb cavalry would grab hold of anything they could and often used long arms if that was all that they could get. They'd cut them down if they could, but these two guys haven't had time to do that yet. I am really pleased with the finished product. The final two photos are of the other plastic Reb cavalry I have done so far. 

I just have to mention the outstanding service from Perry Miniatures. I put my order in on 11 September and had it in my hands here in Australia on 17 September. That is an amazing turnaround from the UK. Hats off to Perrys a great crowd to deal with!


  1. Very nice and great painting skill there on display.

  2. Very nice looking cavalry!

  3. Beautiful work on these cavalrymen. Love the fine details, like the civilian blankets, etc. Best, Dean

  4. Wow you have done a great paint job on these guys..very nice indeed