Thursday, June 14, 2012

Roman Auxilia Homemade Shield design

Here a couple of quick snaps of my latest homemade shield decal. I am painting up Legio XXX Uplia Victrix whose shields carried Neptune's trident and dolphin motifs. I have pretty well finished the legionaries, pictures of which have been previously posted here, and now am beginning to work on the Auxiliaries for the Legion. I needed to make a shield design for the Auxilia so sat down with MS Paint and produced what you see here. I then carefully sized it to the size of the 28mm model shields (Black Tree Designs), printed it and bingo it worked! I am very happy with this shield. This is the first figure I tried it with and there will be quite a few to follow.


  1. It's a great design - captures the elements one would think associated with the unit. Best, Dean