Friday, June 1, 2012


We played a Regimental Fire and Fury game on Wednesday night of the battle of Lewis Farm 1865. The scenario involved the Rebs attempting to capture a saw mill and a cross road in the last days of the war. Troops on both sides were Veteran with large Yankee regiments facing a mixed bag of Reb regiments many of which were quite small - understandably given the stage of the war. The game ended in a Yankee victory although there were moments when the Rebs managed to put some real pressure on their foes including a glorious moment right at the end of the game when a spirited Reb charge broke a Yankee regiment. In this scenario the Rebs could not replace their ammunition of they ran low and as Warrick, one of the Reb Generals, rolled an extraordinary number of 10s when he was shooting this meant that quite a few Reb regiments were scrounging for cartridges as the battle progressed. Warrick and I played the Rebs, Steve played the Yanks and Peter played God, a role he enjoys greatly. 

The Battlefield with Warrick's boys in the foreground and my boys coming through the trees in the distance. Steve's lads wait to receive the assault.

 My boys going through the trees with the Yanks waiting for them.

Warrick's assault forces the Yank line back, but it does not break and begins to thicken as reinforcements arrive.

 The fight for the saw mill gets close and personal.

 Steve's lads muster at the Saw Mill prepared for anything the Rebs will throw at them.

Undaunted Warrick's brigades surge ahead - despite many of them having by now shot off most of their ammunition.
With only two turns to go my boys, with me amongst them, raced ahead breaking a Yankee regiment and grabbing a foothold in the sand pit alongside the saw mill.

The game ends with the Yanks undaunted and holding the saw mill and cross roads, but my boys are in the sand pit all fired up and ready to take on all comers. At least this last act of bravado gave me bragging rights, if nothing else, and I teased Warrick that I would use it to get elected to Congress after the war while he would go down in history as the man who squandered the ANV's precious remaining last ammunition reserves.

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