Monday, April 9, 2012

Regimental Fire and Fury Game - Take the Reb Depot!

Today we played a Regimental Fire and Fury game that involved three Yank Brigades attempting to capture a Reb supply depot. The Yanks outnumbered the Rebs who had three brigades but of smaller regiments than the Yank regiments. In addition all the Reb troops were Green except for their gunners who were Trained. The supply depot was protected by fortified lines which included a big 8" Columbiad gun. The lines covered one half of the table while the other half was forest and farm land offering an opportunity for the Yanks to make an approach that was not covered by Reb artillery or fortified lines. The game began with Yank artillery off the table pounding away at the Reb fortified lines on the Reb right flank. This had little effect and the Yanks soon lost heart in attempting to harm the Rebs in that area. Adding to this was that the Yank guns began to receive accurate Reb counter battery fire and the Yanks guns began to suffer losses. The Yanks had begun marching through the trees on the right flank on turn one and had gotten themselves into a position where they could now launch an assault against Jones Farm. They launched their assault and a close range firefight ensued in which the Rebs managed to do better than the Yanks. Dispirited by their failure to harm the fortified Reb right flank the Yanks then launched a major infantry assault against the Reb center. This came on in grand style and charged into the Reb lines. A fierce fight then occurred in which the Rebs, by pure luck (rolling 10 always helps), managed to hang on to their position even though having lost almost half the men from the regiment holding that part of the line. The Yanks tried again but by this time the Rebs in the center had been reinforced and managed to push back the Yank assault. On the Reb left flank things were beginning to look serious for the Rebs. The Yanks there were pressing forward and it looked as if the Reb brigade there might have to give ground, but once again a bit of luck intervened and the Yank player rolled the dreaded 1 for his maneuver test just when he did not want to roll it. This resulted in two of his four regiments which were 'Spent' by that time panicking and retreating in disorder. By this time the Yank player in the center had lost heart and was beginning to withdraw his brigade. Not to be daunted, however, the Yank player facing the farm threw in his reserve Brigade but it met with concentrated fire and while not hurt that badly was not obviously going to give the Yanks the quick breakthrough the Yanks desired. So the game ended with the Yanks falling back to lick their wounds and the Rebs thanking their lucky stars they had survived to fight another day. Thanks to Liegh (Lenoidas Cructhley), Peter (Hercules Williams) and Ian (Lightfoot Haidon) for a great afternoon of fun and a good game.

Big Betty the 8" Columbiad guarding the approaches to the depot.

The Table from the Yank edge of the table - fortified lines to the center and left, forest and farm to the right.
The table from the Reb end. The depot and all its goodies are in the right foreground.

Chatting the day away outside the depot store - the social pleasantries were about to be interrupted.

Jones Farm - nice fat chickens waiting for the soldier's cooking pots.

The depot with loco unloading - a nice prize for the Yanks if they could get it.

The Reb lines manned and waiting for the Yanks.

The assault through the trees reaches the farm and close range musketry erupts.

Hard fighting slows up the Yank advance at the farm.

Yank lines begin to thin as their casualties mount in the fight for the farm.

The Yanks begin their advance against the center of the Reb lines.

Leigh and Peter plot the Yanks next moves.

The single rank of Green Reb troops holding the center of the line look at the masses of Yank infantry advancing upon them.

The Yanks charge home against the center of the Reb line. Fierce close quarters fighting occurs.

Reinforcements finally reach what is left of the Reb regiment holding the center of the line.


  1. A good afternoon of gaming was had by all!

  2. What a magnificent table. I bet the rebs are enjoying dining on chicken tonight!