Sunday, April 15, 2012

More Romans and a few hairy Celts!

I have been a bit quiet of late, but that is because I have been slowly going mad painting Roman Red!
I am close to finishing an army.  In addition to the Warlord figures I displayed in an earlier post, I have added some more Black Tree figures.  I really like the Black Tree Ballista figures and their western Roman Archers.  I am working on an Auxiliary Cavalry unit and then they should pretty much be done.  All infantry are based on 40x40mm bases.  This was not for any particular ruleset, but to offer the greatest flexibility when playing.  Also below is another diversion!  War and Peace games had a ridiculous sale on the Warlord Celts plastic set, which I could not resist.  These figures are great fun to assemble and paint.  There is plenty of scope to individualize them and a real dynamic feel to the poses.  I don't intend on building and army of Celts, but as a contrast to the regimented Romans they were a fun project. 
32 Hairy Brutes looking for a fight!

2 Black Tree Scorpions and a larger ballista - sorry about the dodgy photo

The boys with the eagle must be in charge!

48 Black Tree Romans. 

The Little Big Men shield transfers really come up well.

Centurion 'bung-eyes' leads them into battle

Black Tree Western Archers.  These are really nice miniatures to paint.

Some very old Citadel Roman Eastern Archers- courtesy of tigerzouave!

Wargames Factory plastic Roman cavalry.  These guys are hard work to paint.  The detail is not great at all and really needed work to get them to this stage.  I have some Warlord Metal Command figures to add to them to hopefully make the unit look better.

The General!


  1. A very nice work! Archers are my favourites!

  2. Excellent work ... you can NEVER have enough Romans!

  3. Wow! Stunning looking figures! Love the warband's colorful look! Best, Dean

  4. Great stuff! The Legion looks impressive!

  5. Nice work on the Celts and EIR. BTD Romans are a nice range, I have some of the legionaries with cloaks.

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