Friday, March 16, 2012

Regimental Fire and Fury game

Here are some photos of a Regimental Fire and Fury game we played on Thursday night. There were five Reb regiments in two brigades against six Yank regiments in two brigades. Both Rebs and Yanks had two artillery guns in support. The Rebs advanced and one Yank Brigade moved forward to engage them while the other began a flank march hoping to turn the Reb right flank. Artillery on both sides pounded away causing losses to regiments and a fire fight started in the center of the table between the Yank brigade that had advanced and one of the Reb brigades. The Reb brigade facing the flanking Yank brigade moved forward to try and catch the Yanks while they were in marching columns. This did not work though and they were driven back in good order by massed artillery and rifle fire. Meanwhile in the center the Yank brigade got itself outflanked and was forced to refuse its left flank. The Rebs rushed forward and brought a lot of firepower to bear on that part of the Yank line which eventually buckled under the assault. With that the Yank commander on that part of the line conceded the field to the Rebs which left the flanking brigade, which had only manged to get one regiment to where it needed to be, all alone. Our time was up and with that the game ended. Once again a good game using an excellent set of rules. The figures used were all 28mm.

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