Sunday, March 18, 2012


Played two games of Hail Caesar today with the Valiant Stormers lads in Goulburn on Sunday. I am proud to say that my home cast Prince August XXXth Legion in their inaugural battle wiped the floor with their foe. It was a quick brutal affair fought as a simple frontal assault and the XXXth hacked through the hairy creatures and slaughtered them. After that little episode we had lunch and then a game where Roman Auxiliaries held a fort against massed attacks by Celtic warriors. Despite the Celts getting over the wall in two places - a great achievement in itself - they could not sustain the momentum and the game eventually ended with the Celts expelled from the fort, half the Celtic force destroyed and the rest shouting and gesticulating rudely outside the walls. Other games played by those present were a big Roman vs. Macedonian game played using Impetus rules and a very nice looking C18th Might and Reason game. Here are some photos:

The XXXth wait patiently before the battle ready to "Unleash Hell!"

A moment of discussion and reflection prior to the blood letting.

The first game about to start. Romans to the right, Celts to the left.

A last moment for a photo opportunity before the Celtic army is swept from the field.

The XXXth get stuck in.

Close and personal - and yes they are VERY OLD Lamming miniatures Anglo Saxons facing the XXXth. It was a good opportunity to put some figures on the table that have not seen the light of day for several decades. Unfortunately for the old boys they did not last long, but at least they made a showing and looked good when they did.

The Fort manned by Auxiliaries.

The Celts attack the fort - the chit is the number of hits the unit has received so far.

After an heroic effort one of the Celtic warbands escalades the walls and gets into the fort (left wall). A fierce fight then ensued which resulted in the brave lads being destroyed - but at least they got there!

Another attack on the wall!

The grand Impetus game. Macedonians vs. Romans.

The Macedonian phalanx - a very impressive sight. All 28mm figures.

The commander of one of the armies in the Might and Reason game. An impressive Gentleman indeed.

A fine regiment parading for battle.

The Might and reason game in full swing - impressive 28mm minis and a lovely spectacle.


  1. a great day out, the Celts suffered from a terrible general!!!!!

    Thanks for a great game mate!