Friday, February 10, 2012


Here is the finished 28mm Swiss command group that I have put together for use with Hail Caesar rules. The figures are all Foundry with the exception of the one carrying the Canton banner for Bern (the red and yellow bear). The flags are; the Swiss national colors, the flag of Canton Appenzell (black and white bear) and the flag for the Canton Bern (red and yellow bear). The Swiss tended to group their flags together in clusters around their commanders. I based the figures on a 60mm x 60mm piece of 6mm thick MDF. This is a very good way to base figures as it means that when moving them you do not have to touch the figures and there as there is ample grip available on the base. It also looks very good. I am shifting to basing all my figures this way, especially for games like Hail Caesar or Impetus which make use of large stands with multiple figures on them.


  1. Very lovely looking group. Best, Dean

  2. Great looking command group indeed, I do like the Foundry Swiss Command figures.

  3. Nice Greg. Really like the flags and the coat designs.