Sunday, February 12, 2012

28mm AWI Foundry Brits

These are the start of a project to revamp my 28mm AWI armies.

The estapol varnish had yellowed the whites and the painting style at the time does not cut the mustard for me at the moment. I had the units in 12s and I've decided to go for units of16 now. In a big change for me, I'm basing 4 figures to a base instead of individually.

These are the final product and have met my expectations so thought I would share. New flags make a massive difference too. Flags and yellow facings are for the 10th foot. I decided not to be anal about the lace and keep it generic enough for them to be used as any yellow faced regiment. Will look at some continentals next.

Hope you like them.


  1. Beautiful painting and fantastic flags too!!

  2. Thanks Ray. I should add that the flags are GMB and the finials are Front Rank.

  3. these figures are amazing you've done a great job the basing's perfect as well, great job

  4. These look fantastic - terrific painting.

    Best wishes


  5. Thanks for the kind words. It means a lot coming from such great painters.

  6. Nice inspiring work!

    I have a ton of these waiting for for paint.

  7. nice Mick, on my list this year my AWI brits!

  8. Well done Mick. Your bases are really in a class of their own!