Friday, September 23, 2011

Begging for the Bone

Here is this week's effort.  Taking a break from painting Normans, I have painted up this Hinhcliffe 54mm landsknecht taking some time out feeding a juicy bone to a local stray whilst checking out his bag of loot.  Hinchcliffe's 54mm range is certainly very different to their 25mm range, with superb attention to detail and finishing.  Also I really enjoy painting these figures at this scale as you get to use many of the colours that normally lie neglected at the bottom of the paint box!


  1. It's awesome!!
    You have a nice blog. :D

  2. What a superb figure! Magnificent painting...well done sir, indeed well done!

  3. Beautiful painting Marc. How about a few more 54mm's??

    Cheers, Craig WETS