Sunday, August 14, 2011


Played another game in the Kokoda Campaign yesterday using Disposable Heroes rules and 28mm figures. The game was a fight for a clutch of huts in the jungle with the Aussie Militia attempting to take them back from the Japanese. They failed to do so. There were some memorable moments in the game including one in which after rolling their morale check and going into an involuntary Banzai charge a group of Japanese were all gunned down except for one officer who ended up killing five Aussies with his sword, including an officer, before he too was shot and killed - an amazing effort. The game also saw the return of Hasimoto a sniper who has been a devil for the Aussies during this campaign. Hasimoto did not let his reputation down by spotting and picking off an Aussie Forward Observer during the game. The campaign continues with rumors of a bigger fight against Aussie prepared positions in the not too distant future.

Storming a Japanese foxhole in the jungle.

Banzai! Japanese troops attack Australians in the jungle. Hand to hand fighting resulted.


  1. Nice Pics, I want to know more about that damned sniper!!

  2. Nice mate,

    who played?


  3. Hasimoto has been annoying the Aussies since the campaign began. He is a wonderful sniper, nearly always spots, nearly always hits what he shoots at. So far he has dealt with several officers, a couple of NCOs and a couple of forward observers.'Ja Mata' - see you later, is his tag line.

    Players were a bunch of blokes; Andrew, Doug, Cameron, George, Brad, Michael, Dom, Ian and myself.