Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Here are some 54mm American War of Independence figures that I have been collecting. I intend to use these for some skirmish games using the Song of Drums and Shakos skirmish rule set. I have some Indians as well and will use these as necessary. Just got to now get me some Red Coats!


  1. Very nice figures, great photo effect too!!

  2. where did you get the figures TZ..I would like to give some 54s a go and this project looks good..

  3. These are William Britains minis from their now defunct older AWI line. They are not bad figures at all however, and are perfectly suitable for skirmishing. You can buy them these days for quite reasonable prices. Modern Britains minis are very nice but cost much more. On the other hand you can always go down the 54mm plastic line. Armies in Plastic have an extensive line of 54mm AWI and FWI that paint up quite well and perfect for gaming.

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