Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Start of the 28mm Norman Invasion

Here are beginnings of my Norman Army.  They are mainly composed of Black Tree, Conquest and Crusader figures. Depicted here is the unarmored (or lightly armored) and mounted knights.  I have based the for WRG/FOG/DBX games.   I have always wanted to put together a Dark Ages/Medieval army and Nomans are a good choice as with a few modifications can be early Crusaders or Italo-Normans or good old William's boys themselves!  The sun was working against me in the photos- so unfortunately, they are a bit grainy and there is a lack of detail in the shadows.  I will do a better job when the army is finished!
Conquest Plastic figures mixed in with Black Tree

Black Tree figures mounted on some spare Warlord horses

Painting Basket-weave can be quite therapeutic!

The Norman Shieldwall


  1. supurb Marc!

    love the basket weave and the gander!

    We will be holding a friendly WAB weekend in Goulburn Next month, be nice to see them in the flesh!


  2. Excellent work. As Matt noted, your hand-painted shield designs are superb. Regards, Dean

  3. your basket weave are gorgeous. They almost made me look away from the rest of your work: great horses too.