Friday, May 27, 2011

28mm Regimental Fire and Fury Game

We played a game of Regimental Fire and Fury last night. The figures were all 25mm/28mm. Two Reb brigades took on two Yankee brigades in a fight for undisputed control of a railway station. The Reb commander Peter, no doubt channelling John Bell Hood threw his best regiments Crack and Veteran straight at the Yankees in a do or die effort to break the enemy. This tactic could only result in glorious victory or disaster. Unfortunately for Peter the latter was the case. In some furious close range combats Peter just could make no headway - not helped by the most consistently appalling dice rolling I have seen for quite some time countered by significantly good dice rolling and tactical deployment from Ian who was commanding the Yankees. In the end the Reb attacking brigade has been pulverised with their commander grievously wounded. What was left of them fell back to a stone wall where the second Reb brigade had taken shelter - this second brigade were a mix of Green and trained troops. The Yankees who because of the very heavy Reb losses by this time significantly outnumbered the Rebs then advanced. With their guns smashed up by Yankee counter battery fire, their left flank in the air and no hope of stemming the blue coated tidal wave moving against them, the remaining Reb commander decided that discretion was the better part of valor and withdrew from the field. As I said a very John Bell Hood battle with a very John Bell Hood outcome. A great game!

Ian holding the rules and Peter pleading with the dice Gods for some clemency.
The battlefield - 6 x 5 table. Rebs enter from the left corner closest to you, Yankees from the far right corner. The railway station is right center.

Loco at the Station
Rebs march onto the field.
Rebs and Yankees come face to face at the farm house. The Billy goat is wondering who all these noisy newcomers are.

A Yankee brigade takes position behind a ridge and occupy the rail station.

Death or Glory Boys! Rebs attempt to charge into the mouth of the Yankee artillery. Give the the cold steel boys! Reb infantry about to assault the center of the Yankee line.

The Yankee line advances!

The Rebs take position behind a stone wall to await the Yankee onslaught.

Yankees close in on the Rebs

Steve arranging his boys to hold back the Blue tide.

Steve (left), Ian (Right) in the thick of the battle.


  1. great looking figures and game

  2. Enjoyable report and very nice pictures. Good train as well, may I ask which brand as I am looking for a nice train for some time. Michael

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  4. Sorry, needed to re post as my first comment made no sense thanks to my slight dyslexia. I was going to say....

    Great looking game and like MiniMike I really like the train which is wonderful!


  5. A great post! It looks like a fun game, and like everyone else, I love the train!

  6. looks like a great game guys!


  7. MiniMike - Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, but IE8 was refusing to cooperate with this Blog. I have switched to Modzilla and it is now working fine. To answer you question regarding the Train, I found it in one of those shops that sells cheap Chinese toys. All I can advise you to do is scout around and see if you can find one in a shop like that - TZ