Sunday, April 10, 2011

Inspired by Mick's post

Some Foundry Caribiniers never been seenon a blog until now.And based for Lasalle..1st and 2nd  Regiments


  1. Foundry have a great range! I'm trying to resist this period. I haven't touched it since Avalon Hill's 'Napoleon's Battles'. With all the great cavalry units being posted I'm finding my resolve weakening!

  2. These are nice. I will be looking at adding the second Carabinier regt in the near future. I think the Carabinier regiments always formed the first brigade of the 1st cavalry division.

  3. They were the senior regiments of the line .. probably moved around a bit but always brigaded together ..the Perry's later uniformed ones are nice but I seriously object to their rather weak justificaion for square valise..
    like the Horse Grenadiers and Gensdarmes of the Guard they all rode "blacks", except the trumpeters