Sunday, April 10, 2011

French 3rd Hussars

I had 9 of these figures painted from about 3 years ago and decided I wanted a unit of 16 figures. So I had a look in my boxes of shame for the remaining poses and included 2 elite company figures from my recent Foundry order. Uniform sources were conflicting as I like Chris Reeses plates but have several other books that gave different opinions. So I did the wargamer thing and picked the combinations that I thought looked the best. I cheated with the sabretache and scanned a good image, resized it and printed out 20 or so which I glued on with PVA. I think it works well and saved me the headache of painting 16 of the buggers...


  1. Excellent work, a grand looking unit indeed!

  2. Great stuff! As always- your bases are top notch!

  3. Excellent hussars! Love the 3rd & you've done a fantastic job on them. Regards, Dean

  4. I've always been timid about painting the 3rd, with all that grey, but man, you really made them pop! Thanks for the inspiration ( and the cool pelisse trick)