Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I have been continuing to rebase for FOG pike and shotte rules the 25mm ECW army I inherited from my friend Paul Johnson. I am nearly finished. I now have six Troops (12 figures each) of horse and five Regiments (20 figures) of foote. I have stuck with Paul's original fist motif for all the infantry flags and used basic coat colors to identify the infantry regiments. Here then are Johnson's Buff Regiment of Foote, Blew Regiment of Foote and Yellow Regiment of Foote. Not pictured are the Green Regiment and Red regiment. I now need to do the artillery and the dragoons for which there are numerous figures and models. If there is a wargamers heaven hopefully Paul is enjoying watching the reincarnation of his army.

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  1. The fist motif is a strong unifying theme. Those essex figures look great en-masse. It should be an impressive army.