Wednesday, March 30, 2011

More ECW Artillery and Cavalry

 Here are some pictures of my latest additions to my ECW retinue.  First up is the 'big gun'.  This stand is a hodge-podge of makes. The gun is made by essex, the wheels are GW plastic cart wheels and the crew are from the Warlord Mortar kit.  It all came together nicely and the sculpting of the crew makes the painting of them an absolute joy!

Here we have some other conversions.  The figures are based upon the Warlord Royalist Cavalry kit.  The horses are untouched other than some green stiff to fill the gaps.  The riders were originally a bit small for my liking, especially when compared to the excellent Warlord and Redoubt metal figures I have already.  Using some excess Redoubt heads I was able to make a swap and add some height.  One figure has a 'fancy' sleeve employed from the spares box, left over from the infantry box set and the other arm was made from green stuff.  The carbine was in the original box.  Overall, they came up quite well and shall add some variety to my cavalier units.


  1. Superb! This is one grand collection you are building.

  2. Lovely looking figures. That ordnance setup is particularly impressive.


  3. love the cannon, the base shows such a good story.
    peace james

  4. These are very nice and you've brought out the best in figures.

  5. so what your trying to say is the only difference between your redish horses and mine are the colour of the main and tail, oh and i haven't finished the Persians yet. i have been listerning. Your figures look awesome love the colour selrction.
    cheers Kent

  6. Hi Kent- thanks for the kind words. I'm no authority on horses though (actually far from it!)- I think I've got the colours on the one in the foreground wrong and he might need a tail and main repaint to match the socks. Or he has grubby hair :)