Tuesday, September 19, 2017

15mm East German Volksarmee supports for Team Yankee

Additions to the East German forces for my Team Yankee army.

4 x SAM 'Gophers' - these are 3d printed models.
Very sturdy, if basic models. I think they do the job quite well.
I got them from a bloke on TMP. They are a reasonably effective AA unit.

4 x AA 'Shilkas' - kits from Zvezda.
Nice models with moving barrels and radar. Easy enough to put together.
These models can also be devastating against infantry if they haven't got AA targets. It makes them a handy unit.

6 x 122mm SP Artillery 'Carnations' - also from Zvezda. 
Very nice models and the cannon can be moved up and down to show when they are moving or in firing positions.
I find that having 6 of them makes them effective and resilient as they tend to get targeted. 

I still have more to show you soon...


 The Gophers and Shilkas

 The Carnations