Sunday, January 1, 2017

10mm Napoleonic Peninsula French

Here are the French forces to battle against the British from the previous post.
They are mostly Pendraken figures from the "old" range. Whatever that means. The only slight negative is that all the mounted command figures have the same pose.
Like the British they are based 6 figures to a 20mm square base, but the French only have 6 stands per battalion. So far I've painted 4 regiments, each with 3 battalions.

 The French array.
 A brigade of 2 regiments with an artillery battery.
A second brigade of 2 regiments. Leger battalions up front. 
 Chasseurs, Hussars in the first line followed by 3 regiments of cuirassiers.
Army command stand with the Emperor himself. 
 Out of focus look at a foot battery.
 Another angle of the cavalry.
Another angle of the infantry.