Sunday, July 24, 2016

My Big Fat Ancient Persian Army - Part 1 : Command, Chariots and Cavalry

Hello again.
I've put dribs and drabs of my Ancient Persian army on this blog before but I really wanted some photos of the whole collection to give better impression of the size and scope. They are used as both earlier and later Achaemenid Persians.
There is a mix of manufacturers as I used as many figures as I could gather over about 13 years. The basing was hugely time consuming but it was important in order to make sure everything looked reasonably compatible.
Starting with the various command elements, 7 chariots and 200 cavalry. 
I hope you enjoy this part. Next is the infantry.

Great King in Chariot and in camp, commander stands and individual commanders or heroes

 Closer look at the camp base - Foundry, 1st Corps and Old Glory
 Another angle - the standard bearer in the foreground is a Minifig!
Heavy Chariots - these are elsewhere on the blog. 1st Corps models
Heavy and Medium Cavalry - the rich kids of the army 
 Heavies - Ex Newline (now SHQ) probably one of few photos of these painted on the web
Foundry Heavies - featured elsewhere here. Largish figures.
My favourite cavalry unit. Some of my first cavalry figures I painted for the army. All Foundry. I usually class these as medium cavalry
 1st Corps medium cavalry
Old Hinchliffe light chariots - only good for using as mobile archery platforms. Fragile in most games  
 Another view - quite retro looking but I still like them
 A couple of smaller Scythian heavy cavalry units
 First unit. Seen elsewhere on the blog
 2nd unit - rewarding to paint but time consuming
 The light cavalry
 Another view
 And another
 Not cavalry but skirmishers used as part of the 'African' levy
2 units of light troops - Old Glory
 Arab levy camel archers - Newline and Castaway Arts models
 African light cavalry- Foundry and Hinchliffe
 6 units of horse archers - Foundry, 1st Corps and a few Newline
 Another view -I can make 4 large units if the need arises.
 Close up- some dated paint jobs but look ok en-masse
 These are Foundry Scythian models
 One of the last units put together. Light cavalry, Foundry and Warlord
 Some of the earliest figures. Hinchliffe and/or Garrison plus Foundry and 1st Corps mashed into a unit
 Another view
 A bit of detail
A bit more detail


  1. Brilliant Persian army Mick!

  2. Mick, I am a bit late catching up but that is one of the most spectacular looking armies I have seen. Wonderful painting and uniformity. They look like they belong together. Congratulations.