Friday, February 27, 2015

Old School Citadel Wood Elf Army - so far....

Hello again,
I haven't had much time this year for painting and posting so I hope this makes up for it.
My old school Wood Elf army as it stands; probably about half of what it'll end up being. I was inspired by the army done by the Masterworks Guild. I've never painted fantasy before so it was a nice change of pace. Finding the models and putting together units is half the fun. Stripping and tidying old figures and breathing new life into them is also satisfying. The figures are all 20-30 years old.
The totals are:
3 mounted leaders
2 units of spears (20 each)
1 unit of swords (20)
2 units of archers (30 each)
1 unit of lancers (10)
1 unit of horse archers (10)
5 Zoats
10 Dryads
4 Treemen (inc 'Durthu')
4 Great Eagles (inc 'Lord on Great Eagle' - one of my favourites)
A healthy start to the army. I'll finish it day...
Hope you like the pics.





  1. Very nice collection of figures Mick - painted to the highest standards!

  2. Wow that takes me back, never been a fantasy gamer myself, but these were a thing of beauty in my youth.
    Thanks for posting.

  3. Stunning army - love the Treemen, and Eagles overhead

  4. Thanks for the comments!
    I still have a fair way to go with the army so your comments are encouraging.

  5. This takes me back - brilliant job. I never did get Zoats though!
    Keep going that chap!

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