Sunday, November 9, 2014

Sunday's Wargames

Here are some photos of the games we played yesterday (Sunday). The first set of photos are of a 28mm Hail Caesar game with a Roman force being ambushed by a horde of Hairy foes.
 The Hairy ones rush forward to destroy their Roman enemies.
 The Romans remain calm, resolved to crush the barbarian scum.
 Battle is joined. Orange dice are casualty markers.
 From behind the Roman lines, their left is under attack 
while to the front masses of Hairy foes gather.
 Valiant tribesmen cross a stream which ran across the table.
The Roman left wing collapses under relentless pressure, 
but they make their opponents pay a high price.
The game now becomes one of how much of his force can the Roman commander extract from the debacle. In the image above a horde of warriors engulfs a Roman cohort which fights to the last man, covering the retreat of its comrades. In the end two Auxiliary cohorts and a Legionary cohort escaped. In all the Romans lost about 2/3rds of their original force, not too bad considering the circumstances they found themselves in.
 A WW2 naval game using GQ3 rules.

 A 28mm Hail Caesar game of the Battle of Mantinea with Spartans and Athenians locking horns.
 Lots and lots of very nice 28mm Hopiltes.
A WW1 Wings of War air combat game

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