Sunday, September 7, 2014

28mm Arab Camel Archers - Castaway Arts & Dixon(?)

Here are some very nice Castaway Arts camel archers I've just finished. These are additions to my Achaemenid Persian army that I am revamping. The flocking isn't done yet because I still haven't decided on the exact look I want. So I have a large number of rebased ancient Persians waiting on that decision...
Thanks to Gerry from Castaway for providing first rate service and an excellent product. I hope the photos encourage a few people to look at Castaway Arts for their next purchase. 
I had 4 old Arab camel archer figures that were looking a bit tired so i did some touch ups to make them a bit fresher and brighter. I think they are Dixon, but don't know for certain. They had been dropped and scraped up a bit so they needed a bit of love and they came up ok.