Thursday, February 13, 2014


Last Sunday our group met for its monthly meeting. We had 23 at the venue and quite a few diverse types of games were played.

 A well set up 15mm Napoleonic game - British against French.
 A Very nice looking 28mm Carlist Wars game.
This was a very interesting game. It was a practice run for a game using 1/72 scale models and simulating the dam busters raid. The object was to get your Lancaster down the table to the point where you released your bouncing bomb. The trick was that when you got to that point you had to be at exactly the right speed and height. The rules were simple but you really had to be thoughtful and manage your aircraft so as to not ruin your bomb run, as well as trying to avoid the pesky German flak that was trying to knock you out of the sky at the same time. I played in this one myself a couple of times and it was great fun. We used a 1/144 scale Lancaster for the game and an improvised dam wall, but for the real thing the models will all be 1/72 scale and it should look magnificent. 
The 1/144 scale Lancaster on its run to the dam - a Photoshopped image just to give you the right effect.
Here is the Lancaster without the dressing up.
A great 28mm Roman vs Roman battle. A superb table packed with beautifully painted figures.

A 28mm WW2 game using Chain of Command rules. The game was set in the jungle with Aussies fighting Japanese.
 The Ww2 game in full swing.


 The Carlist Wars battle. A great looking affair.

 Carlist Wars infantry from each side face off.

  The 15mm Napoleonic game in progress.
 French cavalry attempt to molest the redcoats!
 More of the 15mm Nap battle.

A 28mm dark ages game was also played. This was a battle which is part of an ongoing campaign. In this battle an army half the size of the other managed to fight the larger army so effectively that in the end the outcome of the game rested on which army would fail its army morale test first. In the end the dice Gods decided that the smaller army would break first. It was a great game with a really tense conclusion.
Here are some scenes for the battle. The tokens mark where a warrior has fallen. you can see that there are certain parts of the field that are strewn with dead.


 The final outcome clearly shows where the fighting occurred.

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