Sunday, December 8, 2013


Here are some photos from Operation Scamper which we played today. The Team had to extract three ambassadors - Sir Leslie Ponsonby (UK), Madame LeBrusque (France) and Sir Les Paterson (Australia) from a situation in which fanatical Militia were running amok. The team managed to do this without any harm coming to ambassadors although the diplomats got plenty wet and dirty in the process. It was not looking too flash for the Team at one stage but late in the game the Team managed to call in an airstrike (to do this they needed a 10 on a d10) which took out the bridge and killed a large number of Militia - one Team member then swam the river, recovered a boat on the far bank and used it to get everyone across and to the LZ. They did this one turn late but successfully called the Helo to delay its arrival for one turn. Two Team members were lightly wounded and one was killed. The killed guy was wounded and sheltering behind a jeep when he was swarmed by Militia. There was nothing anyone could do to help him at the time. The players all played members of the Team. The Militia appearances and actions were all determined by umpire dice rolls. Sometimes the Militia did nothing but sometimes they went crazy and attacked in a frenzy - this is what happened when they swarmed the wounded guys. Four local force soldiers were killed (three crew of the armored car and one grunt) and two heavily wounded. Late in the game three of the local force guys bugged out and stole a jeep then drove off the table - the jeep was ambushed by Militia and one of the fleeing soldiers was killed but it was not the driver and the jeep made its escape. 
All the minis used in the game were 28mm. The table was about eight feet long and four feet wide. We used a set of house rules based on the Force on Force rules with a touch of Disposable Heroes. The game lasted for about five hours. Everyone who participated had a good time and enjoyed the game. 
  Some views of the table

 What all the fuss was about!
 The column enters the table

 Militia rush out of the bush attempting to attack the column - 
the Team made short work of them

The column led by the armored car cautiously approaches a shanty town - there was no knowing where the enemy would be. You can see a Militia Technical hiding behind one of the hovels.

 Alerted by the sound of firing Militia emerge from the bush

 More Militia move towards the action
 The Team thinking about the best thing to do.
 Still thinking about the best thing to do.
A wounded Team member and a wounded local force soldier shelter behind their jeep, Militia fire at them. The armored car pulls up behind a sandbag position in an attempt to cover the wounded men.
 Crummp! The armored car is hit by an RPG and brews up. Damn!
 The Militia swarm out and kill the two wounded men at the jeep.
More Militia rush across the bridge - little did they know that the Team had managed to call in an airstrike and that the bridge was its target.
 Militia come out of the bush and discover a nice big truck sitting all alone on the road

The ambassadors are shepherded by two team members through the long grass - Sir Leslie's white Tux was getting quite soiled and Madame LeBrusque's hair was a mess. Sir Les on the other hand did not give a toss.
The Team and two local force soldiers engage a group of Militia who rushed at them. The Team was confronted several times by Militia doing this but each time managed to destroy their attackers.
The Team had succeeded in extracting the Ambassadors and the game was over but the real prize was the cool big truck now in the possession of the Militia - just the thing to impress the locals


  1. That's some amazing stuff and terrain there! Didn't think these plastic plants would look that good.