Saturday, September 14, 2013

Australian War Memorial Treloar Centre Open Day

The Australian War Memorial Treloar Centre is where they keep all the big things they do not have room for at the War Memorial itself. Today was their annual open day and of course I went for a look. Here are some photos from my visit. They are in no specific order, just how I took them.

 A Bushmaster showing the effects of an IED
A Bushmaster in one piece
 WW1 ambulance wagon
 WW1 Lorry
 WW2 V2 Rocket
 WW2 German Anti Aircraft guided missile
 WW1 FT17 tank

 WW1 9.2" howitzer
 WW1 Turkish 120mm Gun
 The remains of a WW1 German 230mm gun after it had been abandoned by the Germans
 A view of part of one of the halls
 WW1 German spare barrel wagon - the only one remaining in the world
 WW1 Turkish 120mm field howitzer
 WW2 German 28mm AT gun (Airborne)
 WW1 Austrian artillery gun
 WW1 37mm field gun
 WW2 Japanese triple barreled AA machinegun
 WW1 the remains of a German field gun
 Another view of one of the halls
 WW2 Japanese 75mm field gun
 WW2 Japanese AA heavy machinegun
 WW2 Japanese AA machinegun
 Vietnam - Viet Cong rocket launcher tube
 WW2 German 37mm AT gun
 WW1 German 76mm trench mortar
 More views of one of the halls
 WW1 German infantry support gun 1918
 WW2 German 75mm recoiless gun (Airborne)
 1902 British 1pdr Pom Pom gun
 Boer War era British 12pdr field gun
 WW2 Japanese 75mm field howitzer
 WW2 German PAK 50 AT gun
 Landrover with 106mm recoiless gun
 WW2 Australian army artillery tractor
 Vietnam War Australian army Centurion tank
 Russian 122mm gun captured in Afghanistan from the Taliban

 Another view of the artillery hall
 Another view
 WW2 Matilda tank - used in the Pacific War by the Australian army
 M113 with a Saladin turret
 WW2 German 2000kg bomb
 WW2 Japanese Type 94 tankette - amazingly small!
 WW2 Japanese 75mm field gun
 WW2 Italian 105mm field gun
 A view of the second hall
 Stripped down Unimog used by the SAS
 WW2 US Dodge truck
 WW1 a breech from one of the 12" guns from HMAS Australia
 WW2 Chevrolet truck
 WW2 a remote control mine planned to be used against Japanese bunkers - never saw service
 WW2 German 'Fritz' guided missile
 Iraq insurgent improvised rocket launching tube - car jack used to adjust aim
WW1 German portable armored observation post