Sunday, March 17, 2013

28mm AWI Battle Report in Pictures

Haven't posted anything for a while so here is something to share with you all.

Yesterday, five of us gathered for a 28mm AWI game at my place. It was a fictional scenario called the Battle of Three Farms. The basic premise is that the American forces are protecting some supplies gathered from the area to feed the main army. The British are attempting to either stop the supplies from exiting at the ford (which they don't know about) and/or crush the rebel army. We used a modified free set of rules called Sons of Liberty.

The British (@3,500 men)have 3 brigades, plus a reserve, 3x3pdr guns and a cavalry detachment. The Americans (@5,000 men) have 4 brigades, plus 2x6pdr guns and a cavalry detachment.

Figures and terrain are my own (except the dead ones and some animals) and are a mix of Perry, Foundry, Eureka & Kings Mountain.

Lots & Lots of photos!

The residents of Chifley House
The Eastbrook Farm House
Clayton’s Farm (Note the home made lettuce patch!)
On comes the Elite Brigade of Grenadiers and Light Infantry
Surprise! Already within range of the American riflemen
Militia occupying a large field.
Some seasoned Continentals in the Eastbrook Farm.
Off go the supply wagons and escorts…
Jaegers skirmishing with the solid looking Rebel line.
Ooh, nice… the British main attack is launched on turn 3.

The Elite brigade starts deploying to counter the annoying resistance.

Guards, we’re guarrrrds!
Getting stuck into the militia.

British 1st brigade pushing ahead.

A cheeky bunch of Continental Dragoons sally out and run over some grenadiers. While the Jaegers stay clear.
British have cleared out the Eastbrook Farm house in one go. Cows don’t seem to care.

And the large field goes next. Was too much for this cow.

 The British, now cluing onto the American aims, launch an attack on the ford. The first supply wagon is on the top left of the picture.

The result of the British attack. Didn’t go so well.

Crappy E class troops are taking hits, but won’t run. 

While their left flank willingly gives ground to 1/3 of the British troops

The wooded ridge is almost cleared. 

And the British kept-a-coming…

The Americans reach their ‘line in the sand’ positions. But have bought enough time for the 2nd cart to escape.

With time running out, The bloodied British prepare to launch another assault.
The rather exposed and contracted American position awaits more attacks in the South.

 In goes a light battalion attack over another set of obstacles.

In goes the Lt Dragoons for a successful 11th hour attack.
All too little too late though as the Americans claim victory by acheiving their objectives.


  1. Nice one, I am ashamed to admit I was an American for this.... Long live King George!

  2. Great pictures and wonderful figures! A very nice AAR...I do like the first three pictures, nice atmosphere!

  3. Great game love this period thanks for the images

  4. Thanks guys. Adam, you did a good job but you can swap sides next time. Might torture you and make you a Loyalist American...

  5. Beautiful looking game and terrian thanks for sharing