Saturday, January 19, 2013


 Here are some photos of a Hail Caesar game we played on Thursday night. The game was between Vikings and Saxons. This is the battlefield - Vikings in foreground, Saxons in distance.

 Ragnar Stormcrow's war band on the left of the Viking line - Ubba Lothbrokson is next to Ragnar in the center of the Viking line.
 Uthred's war band forms on the right flank of the Viking line. 
 Erstwhile veterans (40 year old Lamming minis) form the center for the Saxon line.

 The Saxon right wing advances and drives Ragnar back. In the center Ubba has advanced but is being held in check by the Saxon veterans.
 In the far distance Ragnar has been driven back but is grimly holding on, while in the center Ubba has been fought to a standstill and Ubba has been wounded. In the foreground Uthred has crushed the Saxon left flank and is gathering his men for a push against the Saxon center.
Ragnar has been pushed back and the Saxons have followed him up. Ragnar continues to fight on grimly refusing to break. Some of Ubba's warriors turn to face the rear of the Saxons who are battling Ragnar.

 Having smashed the Saxon left flank Uthred begins to reform 
his men to turn in on the Saxon Center.
Ubba's men get behind the Saxons battling Ragnar. In a lucky break Ragnar forces the Saxons to retreat. Their retreat blocked by Ubba's men the Saxons facing Ragnar are destroyed.
Uthred begins to move in on the battered Saxon center, all that remains of their army after their right and left flanks have collapsed.The Saxons concede and the game ends. It was a good game the outcome of which was in the lap of the Gods until the closing moments.


  1. Game looks like a lot of action and fun. I need to play HC again. I only played it once - a long time ago, but I liked it. It didn't seem like you needed as much units as Black Powder too. Which is good. Best, Dean

  2. Great pictures and game!

  3. I've been inspired to order the Hail Caesar army list by this game!