Thursday, November 1, 2012

Artorius and the Vandals

well a good battle is a quick battle..
Played in the Ernesto Guevara room GVS John St annexe, with Impetus Rules The Vandals  had out scouted the Army of Britain , which then set up with horse archers on their left, Artorius  with magic sword, bucellari, equites armigeri and a unit of well night useless cataphracts on the right and a whole mess of close order infantry behind a wooded steep hill that they couldn't enter .The troops who could enter it were inexplicably nowhere near   it.
Quite A Lot Of Germans  were on the other side. of the table . Artorius dashed of with his magic sword and his 5 units of cavalry again 9 units of Germans and Sarmatians and in turn six proceeded to get  himself captured. His army took this rather well  and  retired in good order and the Vandals became   very extremely damn it goes
Rhino, captain of the German  Wandervolk team



kick off

Willow ,captain of the Roman-Britain team

Artorius leading his 3 heavies against the 7 German heavies..

Artorius enjoying the Wandervolk.s wagon camp.."that ox looks quite nice"
 The campaign can be found at
Dux Europa in Goulburn

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