Saturday, July 7, 2012


This week the lads played a Force on Force game set around the TEAM carrying out a mission to extract a high value target from a hospital in an African village before the army of the country concerned could seize the individual and carry him away. 

The game was played using 40mm figures and 1/43 scale vehicles and scenery. 

Here is the briefing the TEAM received before the game: 
Republic of Zangora
6 July 2012
Time: 0500Z
Since the overthrow of Kimba back in February General Mpobo has been stamping his authority on the nation. This has been progressing in an uneven manner with Mbopo establishing control over the towns and cities easily but not being able to do so as effectively in the countryside where pockets of support for Kimba persist. In the last week Mundosi Lakemba the Chief Minister in Kimba’s cabinet, who had managed to elude Mbopo was captured. Lakemba had been trying to exit the country but was betrayed by locals who were opposed to Kimba. Lakemba possesses the codes to unlock secured bank accounts into which Kimba had channelled exorbitant amounts of money while he was President. At the time of Mbopo’s coup the codes were changed, but in the chaos and confusion of Kimba’s escape Kimba lost the codes.  Lakemba is the only person who now knows those codes which he had committed to memory. The extent of Kimba’s fortune is unknown, but reliable sources repute it to be many hundred s of millions of dollars. STATE wants to ensure that these funds do not end up in Mbopo’s control or that Kimba gets access to them. INTEL reports that Mbopo has ordered that Lakemba be brought before him at the Capital within 48 hours. This has not yet occurred as Lakemba is in poor physical condition – he suffers from congenital lung and kidney disease – and is being held under guard in a medical centre in the town of Jumangi. It is vital that Lakemba not be transferred to the Capital where the codes for Kimba’s bank accounts will be extracted from him.
Your mission is to secure Mundosi Lakemba and extract him alive from Jumangi. Leave nothing that will identify or compromise your nation’s involvement in the mission.  You will leave no living man behind. 

 Jumangi from the north west - the team entered the table here
Jumangi from the south west - Lakemba was in the Medical Center - large building to the left foreground

 The lads plotting their first moves

 Movement in the town as some of the TEAM take out the soldiers in the garrison house

 The Army arrives to be greeted by the Militia parading in front of the Bus Station
 What to do now - get into the hospital and secure Lakemba!

 Put Lakemba in the Ambulance and drive him out Bold as Brass!


After having stirred up a hornet's nest and distracted the militia and soldiers in the direction of the garrison house the ambulances get ready to make their run for the LZ.

 At the LZ but not safe yet - one TEAM member goes down KIA but the attackers are eliminated.

The Night Stalker arrives - the TEAM loads up and game ends

Here is Ian's (the TEAM leader) After Action Report

To Chief of Special Operations Washington
After Action Report – Operation Kimba 2

I wish to report that the mission to extract Mundosi Lakemba, the Chief Minister in former President Kimba’s cabinet has been completed successfully.

The mission did however result in the death of one member of the team from gunshot wounds received in a fire fight that occurred just before evacuation. The team member’s body was recovered and has since been repatriated to the USA for burial.

The action commenced with the team being advised that the time available to complete the mission had been reduce due to hostile air activity.  However due to information obtained predawn reconnaissance the team was able to adapt its basic plan to take account of the new time restrictions.

The first step taken was to neutralise militia forces holding the Garrison House (see aerial photo below). This was completed without arousing any reaction from any other militia forces in the village. Four members of the team remained in the house to watch the village.

An extraction team then proceeded to the hospital to take custody of Chief Minister Lakemba and to prepare him for transport to the LZ. The team was able to reach the hospital undetected.  The team was able to neutralise hostile forces at the hospital and despite some protests from western medical personnel took custody of Lakemba.  

However, while the extraction team was conducting their march across country a force from General Mpobo’s army arrived in the village and met up with a large force of militia. Action at the hospital resulted in shots being fired by guards and the interest of Mpobo forces being aroused. It then became necessary for the team in the Garrison House to commence action against the Mpobo force to distract them from moving towards the Hospital. This they were able to do causing at the same time heavy casualties on the Mpobo forces while suffering none themselves.

Meanwhile the Hospital team were able to utilize vehicles at the hospital to transport themselves, Lakemba and western medical staff to the LZ. Due to the success of the actions of the team at the Garrison House the extraction team was able to reach the LZ where they were joined by the team members from the Garrison House.  It was at this time that a small group of Militia was able to fire on the team which resulted in the death of one member. The Night Stalker arrived at the appointed time and all members of team (including the casualty), Chief Minister Lakemba and western medical staff were evacuated.


Delta Forces – 1 dead
Mpobo forces  - 8 killed in Garrison House, 4 killed at the Hospital, unknown number but at least 30 killed in other actions with a further unknown number of wounded.

Team Leader Delta Forces


  1. Stunning terrain and minis - this would be a serious top contender for Best of Show at any con! Best, Dean

  2. The is really amazing terrain there and to me it had the look and feel Wild Geese