Friday, May 11, 2012


Here are a selection of photos of last night's Zulu game. I am trying out rules for use in a participation game I have planned for Wintercon (in June) and Cancon (in January 13). Last time we had a full British Battalion on the table and they blew the Zulus to pieces. This time the numbers were appropriate for Isandlwana for the Brits at 1:20 scale but not for the Zulus who did not have enough on the table! In this game the Brit infantry and artillery were wiped out and the Natal Native horse managed to escape. It was a good game as it pointed out some amendments to the rules that need to occur to make the game playable with a chance that the British at these numbers can have some hope of victory. 


  1. Looks like a great game Greg, with that horde of Zulus you'd wonder if the Brits had any chance! Look forward to seeing it at Wintercon!


  2. I am up for a game at wintercon!!