Thursday, November 24, 2011

Painting hussars, as therapy

Pomeranian hussars for my chum  Pz. Ferdinand, 28mm Crusader...
so the phone rang on Sunday. evening ."Do you have six hussars in mirliton?", "Yes." I replied and in between  having the most stressful week in my life for  the last 6 years I finished them up this arvo..they proved  relaxing  during the hurly burly..If one is in great  turmoil( the "have the cats put down and plan to live in your car" sort of stress) I suggest you paint some hussars,,and to make the most of it do skewbalds and piebalds..


  1. Nice job!! You don't tend to see too many pie and skew bald horses painted for some reason, I just forget to paint them like this, but I'll defo remember for my next horse unit, Cheers!!!

  2. they were common amogst Hussar and irregulr cavalry at the time but not the done thing for the heavies..