Saturday, October 8, 2011

Norman Commanders and Casualties

Here are the bookends of my Norman army.  The Command and Casualties stands!  They are mainly by Crusader miniatures who make a fantastic range of Norman characters.  Intermingled with these are some Black Tree characters and the Conquest miniatures casualty figure.  I don’t really go in for casualty miniatures normally, but these have been real fun to paint and base up.
Also pictured at the bottom are some Black Tree errant Viking berserkers, which I was conned into buying through one of Black Tree’s perpetual online sales!

Foot Command Stand- William at the front!

There's nothing like a spot of falconing before the battle!

Crusader Minis casualty

Another one bites the dust!

And another one does!

The loss of a friend!

What have I done!

Talk about out of control!!!


  1. Awesome work - thanks for posting.

    Casualty markers really do add a lot to the feel. Thinking of using some generic figures for moral state markers as well - priest, livestock (chickens), and other odds and sods.

    Looking fwd to seeing more from you.


  2. Wonderful! Excellent painting of figures with real character.

  3. VERY NICE!! looking at the great painting of your minis I can see a couple of mistakes I have made with the painting of mine. Those markers are great..I´ll definately "steal" the ideas..and the fig with the hawk..why don´t they make them like this in 20mm!!?