Tuesday, July 26, 2011


A while ago some buddies and I played a game using The Disposable Heroes WW2 rules where we had six German tanks up against 24 Russian tanks. We used 20mm scale models on a big table. The Germans fielded three Tiger 1 and three PzIVs. The Russians had mostly T34 76s but there were also some SU76s. It was as you can imagine a big challenge for the Germans. The end result though was something of a draw as by the end of the game the Russians had not obtained control of the village which was their objective, although they came very close. When the game finished most of the German tanks had been knocked out with the exception of one Tiger and one PZIV which ended the game inside the village with Russians a stones throw away. The Russians lost about one half of their force. These images are pure propaganda but they give you an idea of the game and of how close and desperate it got at times.

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  1. Great pics and it indeed appears to be very interesting having a tank battle using the DH rules.