Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Lord and Lady have come to view the spectacle!

Here is the beginnings of my ECW camp for my army.  The Lord and his good lady have kindly come down from the manor to see the Kings good men dispense some royal justice!  No day out in the countryside would be complete without bringing your favorite spaniel.  Of course, you couldn't walk it yourself- so that is why the kennel-boy is on hand.   The figures are made by Redoubt, who have a varied range of character and vignettes from this period.  The clothes on these figures were lovely to paint.  The only detraction was an unsightly cast line across her face, which was hard to clean up. 


  1. Very nice little vignette! The dog is just great!


  2. nice job Marc, I need to do a few command ECW vignette's for my Royalist army at some stage


  3. A very pleasant and well done vignette indeed!
    [too bad it's not set a century later, but it's 200% personal :) ]