Sunday, December 26, 2010

Montrose Scots- The Irish Brigade and Scots Lancers

I haven't been posting too much recently, because I have been consumed with the painting of grey!  These units are the latest addition to my Montrose Royalist army.  No Montrose army is complete without the Irish brigade.  These troops were arguably some of the most experienced and competent to fight in the civil wars.  They were desperate men, many had served as mercenaries on the continent and about a third of them were displaced Scots; many of them MacDonalds, looking to return to their piece of the homeland. They knew that the stakes were high and that there would be no privileges given if they were captured.  The figures below are a mixed bag.  The Shot are Foundry figures and the pike are made by Warlord Games.  There is a converted Foundry drummer in there somewhere.  The Colours are hand painted.

Irish Foot (Shot)

Irish Officer

The Scots lancers are all Warlord Games figures and are armed to the teeth.  Many have minor conversions, with the addition of bonnets and extra pistols. 

Lastly, the highland gentlemen (in a previous post) and the Irish Boys need a  leader.  The reputation and prowess if Alasdair MacDonald or MacColla the Devastator!  He is a character who was literally larger than life, apparently he stood a good foot taller than the average man and was a charismatic and ruthless leader.  He is credited for uniting the highland clans with Montrose and gave the Covenators something to think about!
The figures here, which will form the command of my highland gentlemen are all Warlord Games models, with MacColla being the tallest one!

On the painting table: Strathbogie Regiment of Foot (90% finished, Scots Frame gun and Crew, A Falconet Gun and crew and Montrose Himself!


  1. Aye...a canny bunch of misfits they are indeed. Beautifully painted, a credit to ye Laddie that is for sure! The Warlord figures are lovley miniatures aren't they.

  2. Thanks! The Warlord figures are great, they mix with foundry OK, but not with essex, renegade or some redoubt -especially the cavalry. If I keep my redoubt horse far enough away from my Warlord lancers on the games table, maybe no-one will notice the scale difference!.
    I plan to paint in the latin mottos on the flags when I get a spare hour or two and my hand is feeling particularly steady!